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Resonate with us!

Jiný Pohled z.s. (Queer Eye) is a non-profit association of like-minded people who organize and lead workshops, projects, courses, festivals, and create music in the Faust studio in Prague. We are mainly concerned with gradually increasing the acceptance of diversity and increasing empathy in society. The best link for us is music, but we dedicate ourselves also to other (educational) workshops and activities (we have received grants from EEA/Norway grants, the Prague Magistrate, SCWF, and worked with various universities and schools).


As for music (and the music industry), not everyone is represented enough, which can change when (and if!) one  starts to record, realize their objectives, and send their feelings and ideas to the world! One of our goals is (for you) to be seen and heard! Whether you are from the mainstream or have a minority background, whether you are a woman (and there are still very few of them among music producers!), or teenagers, our workshops and courses will gladly welcome you.


Our workshops and courses are based on empathy, patience, having fun together and creative energy.

Formally (see the statutes of the association), the purpose of Jiný Pohled association is to support the education and emancipation of women, men, children, teachers, teaching staff and persons with a minority sexual orientation, different ethnicity or race, using music, sport, art, ICT, philosophy and psychohygiene, during workshops, discussions, courses, educational events and festivals organized by the association.

Jiný POhled z.S.

Who we are


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